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 Background and Purpose of the TFNA


In 2011, North Africa witnessed important political changes. In their search for a new future, societies in North Africa have identified security sector reform as necessary for ensuring democratic transition, restoring public confidence in the state and its institutions, and preventing violence.

In response to this heightened interest in and demand for expertise in security sector governance and reform, the Geneva Centre for Democratic Control of Armed Forces (DCAF) offered its services to the new governments of Tunisia, Egypt and Libya, and continued its activities in Morocco. DCAF’s services involve international comparative expertise and tailored practical assistance, including assistance in reviewing and auditing the security sector, managing change through legislative development, policy development, institutional development of state institutions, capacity building, and working with informal oversight institutions (human rights organisations, media etc.). DCAF and its member states remain committed to offering their assistance in support of security sector reform to all countries in North Africa engaged on a path of democratic transition. 

In June 2012, the DCAF Foundation Council endorsed the establishment of a DCAF Trust Fund for Security Sector Development Assistance in North Africa, so as to further strengthen DCAF’s response capacity in North Africa.


The DCAF Trust Fund for Security Sector Development Assistance in North Africa, in short DCAF Trust Fund for North Africa (TFNA), represents both a steering instrument and a pool-funding mechanism: in the Steering Committee, member states participating in the Trust Fund provide orientation and direction to DCAF’s assistance programme in North Africa. As a pool-funding mechanism, the Trust Fund seeks to streamline reporting and strengthen international coordination on security and justice sector reform in the region.


The DCAF Trust Fund for North Africa (TFNA) has been established to fund DCAF’s assistance programmes promoting security sector governance development goals, within a context of democratic transition in various countries in North Africa. Currently, the DCAF TFNA has five "programme windows":

  • North Africa – Regional Programme
  • Egypt
  • Libya
  • Morocco
  • Tunisia


The DCAF Trust Fund for North Africa (TFNA) may accept contributions from Governments, Intergovernmental Entities, Non-Governmental Organisations, Private Foundations and Private Sector Organisations.


Contributing donors can opt to contribute to either the North Africa window covering all four countries, to one or several of the four listed country windows, or to both the regional and the country windows. Beyond these options, however, the Fund does not accept any other form of earmarking.

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