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About the Trust Fund / Status of Contributions

Belgium The Government of Belgium is contributing in kind, in form of secondment and expertise.
France The Government of France has contributed EUR 300'000 to the Trust Fund.
Germany The Government of Germany has contributed EUR 1'000'000 to the Trust Fund's general window, and EUR 2’000’000 to the Trust Fund's Tunisia and Morocco windows.
Luxembourg The Government of Luxembourg has contributed EUR 300’000 to the Trust Fund’s general window, and EUR 1'200'000 to the Tunisia window.
The Netherlands The Government of the Netherlands has contributed CHF 1’200’000 to the Trust Fund’s Tunisia window, and CHF 3’000’000 to the Trust Fund’s General window.  
Slovak Republic

The Slovak Government has contributed a symbolic contribution of EUR 5’000. 

Sweden The Swedish Government has contributed CHF 700’000 to the Trust Fund’s Tunisia window.
Switzerland The Swiss Government has contributed CHF 3’200’000 to the Trust Fund’s General window, and CHF 1'800'000 to the Tunisia window.

In total, the Trust Fund for North Africa has to date received over CHF 15 million in commitments.

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Welcome to the DCAF Trust Fund for North Africa website

Since 2011, many countries in the Middle East and North Africa have lived through extraordinary and turbulent political changes.

In their search for a better future, countries in North Africa have identified security sector reform as a key to ensure democratic transition, to restore public confidence in the state and its institutions, and to prevent violence.

To respond to these changes, the member states of the Geneva Centre for Security Sector Governance (DCAF) in 2012 created the Trust Fund for North Africa.

The Trust Fund’s purpose is to rapidly and flexibly respond to requests for assistance from the governments of Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Morocco.

To name a few examples, the Trust Fund assists with comprehensive programmes and projects to improve parliamentary oversight, strengthen citizens access to information, put in place accountability mechanisms and generally to build trust between citizens and authorities.